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Misstatement of net asset value is possible if valuation methods are imprecise. As Bitcoin continues to spread further into the financial world, it will be interesting to see where gbtc's share prices go as well.

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Already, we've seen bitcoin prices be volatile enough to trigger temporary trading halts for bitcoin futures, and that could potentially pose a major problem for bitcoin ETFs in trying to value their shares. According to Citron, gbtc marks the "most dangerous way to own Bitcoin.

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Indemnification of the trustees overseeing the bitcoin ETFs could result in losses. Stocks Bitcoin Investment Trust nasdaqoth:gbtc.30.07 (0.68) Compare Brokers. Andrew Left of Citron Research has publicly criticized the trust, and.

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The intellectual property rights that the bitcoin ETFs themselves use could be challenged. Seeking Alpha speculates that his statements may be linked to gbtc's cratering premium relative to Bitcoin, possibly due to investors having sold off their shares in a rush of skepticism.

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Please make sure to listen to the podcast for very useful information about the blockchain technology and if you want to learn more about this ETF, please visit. Dollar price in 2013 and then falling more than 70 in the following year. Volume:.2M 65 Day Avg. Several companies have filed to release bitcoin ETFs, with the ProShares Bitcoin ETF and Short Bitcoin ETF aiming to become the first ones available for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. The fund has 65 holdings as of now which are weighted using a proprietary Blockchain Score designed to identify the companies that may benefit most from blockchain technology.

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For the inverse bitcoin ETF, returns over periods exceeding one day will differ from the benchmark return. Not surprisingly, investors are very excited about companies that are poised to benefit from the blockchain revolution.