How to prove payment Monero - secure, private, untraceable

Click on details for each individual transaction to get the key. Note: if several transactions were made, this needs repeating for each such transaction.

Monero blockchain explorer - ChainRadar

Details like the address and coin amount are not present in the blockexplorer. To see your public wallet address, type the following command into your wallet: wallet 47CL7F: address then tell the sender your address and they will be able to send Monero to you.

Monero Blocks - XMR block explorer

Obviously, Charlie will want to double check with Bob the address is really his - same as with Bitcoin. The first block will take on average 2 minutes to be confirmed, and your wallet will scan the network every 90 seconds for updates.

What is the transaction id and how its calculated?

When Alice made the transaction, a one time key was automatically generated just for this transaction. To prove to Charlie that she made a payment to Bob, Alice must supply Charlie three pieces of information: the transaction ID, as is done in Bitcoin.

Block explorer - What s the easiest way to look up a transaction

To view a list of payments received along with their unique paymenent ids, type this command: wallet 47CL7F: show_transfers, to view only payments received using a particular payment id, use the following command (substituting the example payment id with your own wallet 47CL7F: payments 9e5d624026c5c274. The balance command shows you your Monero balance. Note: if several transactions were made, this needs repeating for each such transaction). The Monero blockchain is not as transparent as other blockchains.