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Check whether the country you are headed for is in the list below. Thanks to our Maestro debit solution, Belgian customers from bnpff or KBC/CBC will from now be on able to pay contactless in all the compatible terminals in Belgium, but also abroad at more than 6,5 million contactless acceptance locations in the world. Learn More, partners, work with PayPal to offer your customers world class payment solutions. You can make payments In these countries securely and easily. Are handled through the main MasterCard network or the rival Visa network.

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Also, certain Bank of China ATMs will present the user with Japanese or Korean language options upon insertion of a Maestro card. With One Click Pay, businesses can simplify the invoicing processes and offer their customers ultimate payment convenience, facilitating faster payment as a result. Internet and telephone-based retailers, however, needed to be set up specifically to accept Irish Laser /Maestro cards. Which countries belong to geographic Europe? In subsequent invoices the same card information is automatically populated and encrypted, allowing the customer to make future payments quickly and securely with a single mouse click.

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The Laser debit card has been phased out by all banks and ceased to operate from March 2014. Underneath the branding, however, the system was still the old Switch one and the cards were still fundamentally Switch.

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3 4 5 Europe edit In Belgium, Maestro cards are co-branded with the Belgian Bancontact logo (previously Bancontact/Mister Cash). Learn More, businesses, join 7 million businesses around the world offering PayPal. PayPal can protect your financial information and PayPal Buyer Protection can cover your eligible purchases if they dont show up or match their description.* *See.

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Belgian consumers are already used to pay online using their Maestro card since 2009. 7 In the United Kingdom, the former Switch debit card system was re-branded as Maestro. Share this article, also interesting! In Greece, Maestro debit cards have been issued by several major banks.

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The payment is authorized by the card issuer to ensure that the cardholder has sufficient funds in their account to make the purchase and the cardholder confirms the payment by either signing the sales receipt or entering their 4- to 6-digit. Open a business account. 'Simplicity in Energy retail Director Jan Dobbenie of Eni: One Click Pay is right in line with our motto, simplicity in energy? Its central platform provides an easy integration of all major payment methods available in the European market. To be able to use this new technology, cardholders need to possess a smartphone with the Android operating system and a Maestro debit card from KBC/CBC/KBC-Brussels or BNP Paribas Fortis, Hello Bank and Fintro.

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Maestro card issued by the German N26 Bank In Germany and Austria, Maestro replaced the Eurocheque system. Bonus Round Minesweeper Genius, Homo Machina, Diggerman, Epic Skater 2, Aero Smash, and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. To avoid this kind of inconvenience in the future check that your next destination is part of the geographical zone covered by Maestro. It is so frustrating the number of shops in Belgium where the bunq maestro card is rejected, which display the maestro symbol.