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Things Needed, credit card, calculator, photo Credits, hemera Technologies/m/Getty Images. Call the credit card company merchant support line if you wish to check on a charge you are trying to put through without success, or if the customer feels the card has sufficient balance to cover the purchase and it is not working. Total your list of numbers.

How to Verify, that a Customer Has Enough Balance on Their

Skip to main content. Place a block or hold on the credit card to ensure that sufficient funds will remain available until the time of billing. Visit m, m or another online credit card validation service.

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If the credit card number has 16 digits, double the amount of every digit in the odd-positioned spots, working right to left, before adding it to your list. This is the check sum digit you will use to verify the remainder of the credit card number.

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Do not include the check sum digit in your total. Input the type of credit card, card number and expiration date into the appropriate fields. By Robert Morello, swiping the card brings you almost immediate answers. Credit card numbers are generated according to a specific set of rules.

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With the ease of transaction and obvious convenience of credit cards comes the need to know whether a customer has enough balance to cover a purchase. Inform them of the amount as well and tell them how long they can expect to wait until the funds are returned to their card. Hearst Newspapers Copyright 2018 Hearst Newspapers, LLC.