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The site offers free registration and 1000 coins completely free, the value of which, according to the site, is USD 3,000 or yuan 500. Affiliates arent currently being charged to join LCF Coin, but I think its pretty safe to assume that fees will be enacted once the matrix system is launched. The company said that an investment scheme dubbed "LCF Coins" or "Rothschild Family LCF Project" is making the rounds in China, invoking its name as part of a fundraising bid. They encouraged people to invest in LCF coin using Google tools.

The Rothschilds warn against LCF Coins cryptocurrency

Rothschild Co was founded in the mid-1800s, becoming a powerful force in the areas of private banking and wealth management. What happens to the information entered into these forms is unclear. LCF Coin Prelaunch Review in order for you to make a decision about joining LCF Coin Prelaunch.

A Digital Currency Scam is Misusing the Rothschild Family Name

Identity theft of the extremely stupid people who fill in these forms is also a possibility. Affiliates can get started with this whole thing by earning 1000 LCF Coins for just signing up for the LCF Coin affiliate program, and as they recruit more and more people to join as well, they can quickly increase the amount of LCF Coins theyll. Marketing and advertising materials for LCF Coin claim that LCF Coin will reach a value of 7 each by May of 2017, and again, this number seems to be have pulled out of thin air entirely. As far as I can tell, LCF Coin or whoever is behind it doesnt have an official web presence.

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They expect the cell phone/banking era to become the future of global currency exchange, and in preparation for this age of the Crypto Currency decided to join forces with china to build the Mega infrastructure. It also describes the companys plans, as well as calculation of how much each new registered user can to gain in 2 years time. What The Heck Is LCF Coin Prelaunch? This of course would be pyramid recruitment, on top of Ponzi investment fraud via LCF Coins. As one might be expected, the firm took a harsh stance against the digital currency's alleged premise.

LCF Coin Prelaunch Review: Rothschilds Chinese govt altcoin?

Rothschild Co claims it is a pyramid scheme. They have recently established a crypto currency company (LCF) with a TOP businessman in china and integrated LCF with the global financial markets. With all this hype, I am sure you have seen some of your friends trying to sell LCF Coin Prelaunch in your social media feeds. The Rothschild Family goal is to build a global kingdom with comprehensive internet, logistics services etc., within a 3 year period through banks, insurance companies, logistics companies, internet shopping mall, trains and mines. The m domain was privately registered through a Korean company on November 2nd, 2016.

LCF Coin Prelaunch Review Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big

Once LCF Coin launches, an MLM compensation plan purportedly based on a 55 matrix will be used to pay affiliates with. So, Is There A LCF Coin Prelaunch Scam Going On?

Is the China LCF coin real or a scam?

Full name, phone number, email address, passport. The domain is currently parked with a coming soon message. Expect the usual were gunna be the next bitcoin pitches, with the Rothschild and Chinese government claims likely to be dropped at public launch (they can get away with it now because LCF Coin doesnt exist outside of scattered Google forms). We, in turn, can hardly fear the information to appear in Poland any time soon, but it is always good to keep your finger on the pulse and be prepared for various scenarios. As it turned out, the Rothschilds are not the only well-known name to support the project.