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Collins English Dictionary - Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William Collins Sons. We can move in on Saturday. American school buses guzzle.2B of carcinogen-laden diesel a year, but they could do a lot of good if electrified.

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The preference extends to derivatives such as immovable and movability. The police told the crowd to move along.

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We're proud to announce that Movable has been acquired by DHS Group, a company dedicated to elevating population health. ( with for or towards ) to move (in the direction of). British Dictionary definitions for moveable moveable adjective able to be moved or rearranged; not fixed (esp of religious festivals such as Easter) varying in date from year to year (usually spelt moveable) law denoting or relating to personal property as opposed to realty printing (of. All the familiar Movable features, products and advantages will continue under HealthSpective Engage. He is a moveable prison, and his hands two manacles hard to be filed off.

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With his kind of job, he's always on the move. Kate Fane.4.18, moveable, moveable, electric Cars Make Excellent Autonomous VehiclesSo Why Are Most AVs Gas-Powered? Also moveable, late 14c., "disposed to movement.1400, "capable of being moved from Old French movable, from moveir (see move (v.).

Moveable - definition of moveable by The Free Dictionary

DHS Group is based in Houston, Texas, comprised of population health management and data analytics professionals, and works to elevate health within populations through actionable solutions, unparalleled integrity and domain expertise. Loveable, both words are accepted, however.