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The price of a professional audit from a reputable company could cost as much as 5 0,000 USD dollars but you can get by with an audit from an experienced individual for about 10,000 USD dollars. People have to learn from a lot of different places which complicates the learning process, thus resulting in a very small amount of Smart Contract developers.

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Use it and abuse it to grow your company to, at least, 2000 qualified leads. Have backup systems to recover in case you run out of funds. Likewise, youll need to go where the investors use to spend their time on internet. The quality of it depends on how much you pay. You could hire one for as little as 10 USD per hour.

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Give the developer time to guarantee the security of the contract. M Dedicated to the elya Sim. Its new technology that has been around for about 2 years where 1 year ago was almost unknown and the documentation is scarce. Good Ethereum developers are scarce. Cost: 10,000 USD, smart Contract audits: These contracts will handle real money so security is a must.

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Remember that there isnt a better platform or system. 2018, March Release of the elyacoin Wallet.2.1 2018, March 22 Listing on Stocks.

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Thats why you have to be a bit optimistic with the people that propose to work with you, because they may not have the experience but the ability to create that token. Achieving full privacy and autonomy for miners finance and communication. 2017, September Testing the level of privacy of main cryptocurrency algorithms and selecting CryptoNight. Release of the 3D version of the elya Logo by original designer Oasim Karmieh.