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DGB/BTC.00.00000558, rDD/BTC.00.00000073, sKC/BTC.00.00000434, dOGE/BTC.56.00000039, aTB/BTC -3.08.00001070, bTI/BTC.00.00000598, mZC/BTC.00.00000010 supp/BTC.00.00000100 IXC/BTC.00.00001430 manna/BTC.00.00000035 FRC/BTC.00.00000085 WCH/BTC.00.00019397 LTB/BTC.00.00002100 NYC/BTC.00.00000002 DVC/BTC.00.00000001. Value in 100 years Actual Value (interest).39.60 -5 (interest) 167.02 168,903.82 As you can see, positive interest rates cause us to value short-term returns, and if there were negative interest rates the financial market would make us value things in the future more. It is an alt chain with the design goal that holders of the coin will have negative interest rates, as a means to increase the velocity of money by reducing the incentive to save.

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However basic interest impedes yields from dropping to zero, causing an economic rent that is trouble for not only money holders and lenders but for everyone who seeks to acquire or invest wealth. With sustainable 0-APR interest loans the order of the day, business will boom and the economy will grow in a virtuous cycle. Bitcoin and Freicoin support each other as collaborative free software. Freicoin enables a sustainable society by safely lowering basic interest rates to zero without price inflation by means of demurrage. The following table completes his example: High interest gives more incentive to destroy than create.

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Until all shares are sold, credit for unsold shares is credited to the exchange. Yes and no, but mostly. Market Cap:.005715 USD.00000085 BTC 177,815 USD 26 BTC 0 USD.00 BTC 31,112,958 FRC 100,000,000 FRC, donate Bitcoin donate Litecoin, donate Ethereum 0x We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted advertisements. We dont compete with bitcoin for miners either.

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They maintain that people always prefer to have things in the present over having them in the future. However to keep prices stable an equal-valued batch of freshly minted coins is created and distributed to the diligent accountants (the miners) who maintain at their own cost the global ledger of electronic transactions. Both digital currencies provide a predictable, limited and stable monetary supply and 24/7/365 operation (compared with banking abolish centralized control over that money supply, dis-allow chargebacks or seizure of assets, provide fast transfers with low transaction costs (Freicoins are expected to be even lower than.

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That is, short-term thinking is part of human nature. Last price 24 high 24 low 24 volume # Coins, market cap.11519447, last price.11519447, last price. The network hash rate needs to be maintained above a certain level to prevent "51 attacks" (double spending, etc). Dollars.) According to Bernard Lietaer, this short term thinking is not inherent to humans but caused by some existing monetary systems.