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Create your advertisement, buy Ads, copyright, sevio. The publishers get paid on request basis. And 400 others, high performance ad formats. Joining the network as a site publisher requires owning a site that hosts Bitcoin-related content and has at least 10,000 unique visitors a month.

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Founded in 2016, the company claims to have delivered over.8 billion impressions relevant to its clients and completed over 600 advertising campaigns since that time. Coin Traffic Product, coinTraffic offers two distinct services through its advertising network: the ability for advertisers to run their own ads, and the ability for site publishers to join the network and earn revenue based on hosting these ads. Cointraffic, cointraffic does not give out a lot of information, but from what we have gathered this bitcoin ad network works with trustworthy publishers, and pays them well. BitMedia, bitMedia allows publishers to display both text and banner ads, and has a minimum withdrawal amount.01 BTC.

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What makes us different? No referral program, contact.

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They only approve high-quality websites, but claim to give publishers 90 of what they get from advertisers. Advertising, facebook, google, twitter, stumbleUpon, pinterest, linkedin. Requirements for publishers to join and use Cointraffic Bitcoin ad network. The payment option is Bitcoin.

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Statistics given are rather limited, but the ad fill rate is great and, according to a few of those whove tried the network, publishers are well paid. Coinad, as they can only be accepted by invite. Interstitial ads allow users to monetize shortened links, which can be used in tweets and Facebook posts, as they appear when the user clicks the link. You can also send payment proof. Cointraffic is a Bitcoin ad network based in France.

Cointraffic Review : Bitcoin Advertising Network For Publishers

Sticky Header, sticked to the top of website. Ad Formats, the publishers can have access to the following ad formats : Display banners : Slide banner (300250) and Static banners (72890, 300200).