FAQ's, about Life on the Navajo Nation Among the

If you are right you can follow this process of elimination, unless you chose wrong, then the turn is ended. Five tables and benches jutted out perpendicular to one inside wall, opposite to the kitchen where five women and a couple of young maidens prepared mutton and fry bread. Fortunately, I had parked my Expedition facing the only winding road leading to the homestead and when morning came was one of the first to be able to depart.

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Likewise a new group's first footsteps were unheard as newly warmed enthusiasts left the vehicles for positions around the sides of the lighted court. All in all, over thirty-five groups would travel from the brush house to the patient to bestow on her the blessings of the Holy Ones. Conditions on canyon roads vary with the season.

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When one section is finished, the next will begin. A silver concho belt or woven sash may be worn at the waist. There may be some dancing in the afternoon, depending on the group.

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There was even a chaise lounge or two. The nine-day ceremony was over, yet for many it was just a beginning.

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One continually had to turn to warm oneself evenly and prevent the chill from cooling the side not facing the fire and try to avoid the every changing smoke which seemed to follow, no matter where one moved. The top fastens closed at the side of the ankle with buttons or toggles. "Dibe Dibe' atsa I responded in broken Navajo.