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Ether has grown from 50 to 330 while gaining 15 market share. Part of my bullish view on Ether is based on it becoming the market cap leader but at least going on price alone, bitcoin is being rewarded for its decline in market share! I would say that the capital flow into non-bitcoin assets are understated, as bitcoin for most is still the most convenient asset to purchase using fiat, before using the bitcoin to purchase altcoins, tokens, or participate in ICOs. However, a developer announced earlier this month a way to make the two methods compatible, helping bitcoin recover from lows of the month. Load older Tweets, back to top, turn images off.

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Perhaps one to watch if youre a speculator? "These cryptocurrencies are traded globally, especially with a large amount of activity coming from China, so I'm waiting to see what happens around 6PM EST this evening.".

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Will a declining Bitcoin price bring Ether down with it, or has Ether decoupled? The challenge is that this industry is moving very fast. On Friday, the exchange said it would credit customers who "experienced a margin call or stop loss order" on gdax during the flash crash.

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Keeping with the investment themes I introduced earlier, here are the investment clusters and assets that Im watching and interested to learn more about over the coming days and weeks. A lot of the trading volume within crypto markets today is based on short-term price speculation. More research is needed into the following upcoming or in-progress ICOs: NVO, Onplace, Bancor, Open ANX, Mybit, Dimcoin, 0X (ZRX), Etherex, ones to watch: (1 open ANX, (2) 0X (ZRX), (3) Bancor Web3.0 stack infrastructure There is still key pieces of infrastructure needed if the. Almost paradoxically, since April 2017 we have witnessed bitcoin loose market share, going from approximately 65 market capitalisation to 42, but gaining in price through the same time period rising from 1020 to 2830.

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It seems crazy to extrapolate this price growth as Ether moves another 15 and becomes the market capitalisation leader. Last Wednesday, ethereum briefly plunged in a flash crash from above 300 to 10 cents on Coinbase's gdax exchange. Kiks token raise announcement the most famous (so far) of those entering the token sale environment. Ethereum, also known as ether, traded.9 percent lower at 239.63 Monday afternoon, according to CoinDesk.

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But its when you look at the relative market capitalisation charts for the leading altcoins that a story reveals itself. Buterin tweeted a picture of himself Sunday evening, ET, to dispel the rumor.