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If you don't want to use a star, at least use the sea horizon which is a few kilometers away. Since the stock markets bottom in March of 2009, there have been only 3 corrections: In the spring of 2010 the S P 500 began a 69-day drop of roughly. Make the adjustment you can live with and remember this feeling the next time you find yourself chasing the market.

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Second, less obvious but just as important is the refraction effect of the atmosphere. (See also: Automakers Score a Win on Fuel-Efficiency Rules.

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This means that an observer seeing the moon with its centre on the horizon (after allowing for the refraction correction) would be wrong to assume 0 degree since it means the angle is really the earth radius divided by the distance from the moon. And this is quite easy to spot, look at the new chart below for Ripple, you can draw a simple line across the spikes during the downtrend and see on August 21st where it broke. The method is to first do the dip and refraction corrections to the measurement, call this the Observed Altitude (OA then add HPxCOS(OA). This is due to the fact that the published 1/2 diameter is as seen from the centre of the earth.

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As I Tweeted back "A bubble isn't defined by market cap, it's defined by behaviour, psychology, and percentages.". S P 500, which has declined.7 and gained.9 over the same respective periods. There is no point having your portfolio track what could have been because each trade is measured on its own merits and human psychology will naturally allow for selective memory. Unless you use a bubble sextant, in which case there is no error, but I defy anyone to use a bubble sextant on a small boat, with the boat motion, the bubble would appear to suffer from St Vitus's Dance. If anything the last week has shown us, is that it'll dip sure, but it goes right back.

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You will notice that the tables are tabulated for LHA varying in 30' increments. For those with time horizons longer than five years (most the best thing to do is grit ones teeth and do very little. I talked before about when I sold off 2/3 of my NEO before it hit the top and missed out on a chunk of profit.

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I wrote before about the stupid things Crypto traders say and why you should ignore them. As to what we should do during corrections, Id recommend maintaining a list of high-quality stocks youve been kicking yourself for missing out on and clearing the decks of any longs you dont truly love. And then read the comments: "Just doubled down and bought more.34. Consequently, the measurement that you take is always larger than it should. If using sight reduction tables, like HO249 or whatever the name of the newer ones.

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It proved a profitable trade in the long run, but I could have traded it so much better. That is 20 times you can buy the dip and create 20 new losing positions. The correction during the spring of 2012 set up one of the greatest rallies of all time, although it was barely a real correction, sporting a peak-to-trough drop of just.9 in just under 60 days. It is still valid when the moon is just rising or setting, but when it is close to overhead, the distance from us to the moon has been shortened by the radius of the earth.