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Maintaining OAuth token lifecycle The Token object is cached as soon as it is returned for the first time. UrisyntaxException; import java entrantLock; public class ExampleClient private final TokenService oAuthTokenService; public static void main(String args) ExampleClient client new ExampleClient client.makeRequest public ExampleClient URI authServerURI null; try authServerURI new URI m/ oauth /oauth20/token catch (urisyntaxException e) intStackTrace OAuthClientCredentials builtClientCredentials wBuilder.clientId my_ client _id.clientSecret my_ client.

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Dead Simple, who said, oAuth /OAuth2 was difficult? Otherwise, the client only makes an access token request to the authorization server and retrieves the access token.

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Scope: This is an optional parameter. String accessToken getAccessToken(oauthDetails if (isValid(accessToken) / update the access token / intln New access token: " accessToken tAccessToken(accessToken thorization thorization,.getAccessToken leaseConnection response client.execute(get code tStatusCode if (code 401) throw new RuntimeException( "Could not access protected resource. When a request comes for the next time and if the token has not expired, it simply returns the cached token. Subsequent parts of this tutorial series will cover the remaining two grant types as outlined in the OAuth.0 authorization framework.

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The client code is shown in Listing. This includes sslProtocol, which defaults to TLSv1.2) prefetchPoolSize (Size of your prefetch pool - more on this later) oAuthClientCredentialsProvider (Your OAuthClientCredentials provider instance) When requesting the token for the first time (using obtainTokenFor the service simply returns the OAuthToken object as Token.

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Stay tuned for additional content in this series. Please Read the FAQ before creating an issue Also, remember to read the fantastic tutorial that @akoskm wrote to easily integrate a server side app with an API (twitter in this case).

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OAuth.0-compliant server supporting this grant. I want to access G-Suite and AzueAD API with Google OAuth2 client. This credential is used by the client to obtain an access token, and this access token is eventually sent along with the request to access a protected resource.

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In the subsequent parts of this tutorial series, the remaining grant types will be discussed, and the client code will be updated. Prerequisites You will need the Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers to set up your development environment and import the attached project.