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Retrieved February 25, 2014. However, Hime was created from scratch using Tsukudani's ideals for a cross-dressing boy as a basis for the character including his pink hair, side pigtails, and him being forced to cross-dress. 5 Voiced by: Azusa Tadokoro 2 Hiro is Mitsunaga's classmate and assistant in the public morals committee.

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The first race is between Unko and Kaguya, but Kaguya is surprised at Unko's swimming speed and loses to her. 5 She has known Kaguya for five years and is very close with him.

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Hime agrees to their terms, and the girls introduce Hime at an assembly in front of the other students, in the process revealing he is cross-dressing. "Tsukudani's Cross-Dressing 4-Panel Manga Himegoto Gets Anime". "Himegoto Episode #13 Anime Review (Season Finale. Boy Girl R18, boy Girl Rated 18, it might be alright even if it's 18? 1, despite how much she enjoys making fun.

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5 Voiced by: Saki Ono 2 Unko is the student council president at Shimoshina. 4 "What's With That Scenario?!" "Nani Sono Settei" July 28, 2014 34 The student council members help out the art club by making Hime pose semi-nude for two of the girls in the club. It was originally serialized.

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10 Himegoto Episode. Release date isbn 1 February 19, 2013 12 isbn Himegoto Chapters 19 Himegoto Chapters 14 2 April 19, 2014 16 isbn Himegoto Chapters 1014 Himegoto Chapters 57 Himegoto ( Comic Rex ) Chapters 13 "Shimoshina High School Student ID Card Collection" "Shimoshina Kk Gakuseish Korekushon". Kekkyoku Hamideteta no?" (?) September 1, 2014 39 During the Shimoshina cultural festival, the student council participates in a girl's swimsuit contest. Magazine, but was later featured in three additional magazines published by Ichijinsha: Waai!

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1 over to his house, but 18-kin, Unko and Albertina come too after 18-kin overhears Hime talking about. 18-kin is the student body vice-president. However, because Mitsunaga and Kaguya are in their school uniforms and Hiro is dressed as a maid, they are mistaken for being cosplayers. A b (1) Himegoto (1) (in Japanese).