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In this case, statistics for all streams with the same pg_id will be combined. Enabled by S0 name 'S1 packet stlpktBuilder(pkt base_pkt1/pad mode stltxmultiBurst( pps 1000, pkts_per_burst 4, ibg 1000000.0, count 5) ) ).get_streams Stream S0 waits 10 usec (inter-stream gap, ISG) and then sends a burst of 10 packets at 10 PPS. Plans for future phase : Add support at the CPP server. The Tuple Generator instructions are used to create two stream variables for IP and port. Assigned to PG ID 12, PPS would be 5000 regardless of the multplier.

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Pcap ' when done * trex(service) capture Active Recorders ID Status Packets Bytes TX Ports RX Ports active 0/200 0 B - 3 trex(service) start -f stl/ -m 1kpps -p 0 -force Removing all streams from port(s) 0: success Attaching 3 streams to port(s). How can the Trex unit be protected against accidental damage? TRex package folders Location Description / /stl Stateless native (py) profiles /stl/hlt Stateless HLT profiles /ko Kernel modules for dpdk /external_libs Python external libs used by server/clients /exp Golden pcap file for unit-tests /cfg Examples of config files /cap2 Stateful profiles /avl Stateful profiles. Api import * class stls1(object def get_streams(self streams packet (Ether(src'00:de:01:0a:01:00 dst'00:50:56:80:0d:28 type2048) / IP(src proto17, dst chksum28605, len46, flags2L, ihl5L, id0) / UDP(dport2001, sport2001, len26, chksum1176) / vm stlscVmRaw split_by_field stream stlstream(packet CScapyTRexPktBuilder(pkt packet, vm vm name 'udp_64B mac_src_override_by_pkt 0, mac_dst_override_mode 0, mode stltxcont(pps 100). You can open two consoles simultaneously - one for commands (R/W) and one for displaying statistics (read only).

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It is possible to run ARP and dhcp in parallel if it is needed. Dst # checksum stlvmFixIpv4(offset "IP base Ether IP UDP pad max(0, len(base) * 'x' return stlpktBuilder(pkt base/pad, vm vm) def simple_burst # create client c stlclient # username/server can be changed those are the default # username t_current_user # server "localhost" # stlclient(server "my_server username. Now SW2 will know that is located after this port of SW2. Not transmitting (did not start transmission, or transmission was stopped).

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Unlimited pcap file size No overhead in sending any size of pcap to the server Does not support Field Engine Supports only pcap and ERF formats File path must be accessible from the server Rate of transmition is usually limited by I/O performance and buffering. Scapy (example: mpls/IPv4/Ipv6/GRE/vxlan/NSH field Engine program, ability to change any field inside the packet (example: src_ip -). Field technicians equipped with the AMS Trex communicator no longer need to return to the shop or lab for device analysis and reconfiguration. RPC Architecture A json-RPC2 thread in the TRex control plane core provides support for interactive mode.

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In the future it will be possible to zoom in to see specific counters. Hltapi compiler complexity is handled in Python. Note : The file path to the pcap file must be visible to the server. Tune a profile tune by the arguments of tunables. Output value 0x0100 0x0200 0x0300 Example 3 In this example, stlvmWrMaskFlowVar generates the values shown in the table below as offset values for pkt_offset.