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The formula based on a simple fact. Moreover, we have seen some new pools pop up over the past week in an effort to encourage people to move away from feeding Flypool with even more hash power. This is pretty interesting, considering there are a dozen decent pools to choose from. So far, their efforts have not made much of an impact, but that situation may change sooner or later.

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This may also explain why the mining centralization issue has gone by unnoticed for so long. Sooner or later, that will backfire, but very few people are willing to make any changes in this regard. Total Zcashs 4,309,275 ZEC, market Capitalization 766,203,996 USD, zcash Price 1 ZEC 177.8 USD ( 16:45:18 UTC) hitbtc: 179.09 USD ( 16:41:37 UTC) bitfinex: 176.6 USD ( 16:45:03 UTC) exmo: 174.87 USD ( 16:45:03 UTC) gemini: 176.98 USD ( 16:42:04 UTC) kraken: 176.16 USD (.

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Right now, Flypool is over twice as large as F2Pool as far as the ZEC hashrate is concerned. In this regard, Flypool could easily perform a 51 attack against the network if it were ever inclined to. So on avarage, every miner_blocktime second we earn 10 ZEC. Transaction Fee.00036 USD Block Time 2m 31s Blocks Count 354,741 ( 16:36:34 UTC) Block Size.701 KBytes Blocks last 24h 570 Blocks avg. Thats not happened yet, but there is no reason to think it never will.

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Yobit: 177 USD ( 15:53:15 UTC) : 174.8 USD ( 16:42:03 UTC) lbank:.026 BTC ( 16:41:51 UTC) hitbtc:.026 BTC ( 16:42:00 UTC) huobi:.026 BTC ( 16:00:46 UTC) bitfinex:.026 BTC ( 16:45:03 UTC) binance:.026 BTC ( 16:45:01 UTC) exmo:.026 BTC. We also know our miner hashrate for which we want to calculate the profitability. Regardless the proof of work algorithm, most of the crypto currencies mining work practically in the same way.