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Ten minutes ago it was trading at 262.30 on the futures market, according to CoinMarketCap. Its lending business basically allowed investors to lend digital coins to borrowers. Contrary to a credit card, there is no exchange of personal information when using Bitconnect. The BitConnect charts is displayed with a 5 minute delay.

Bitcoin live news: Latest price as Bitcoin cash flucuates after fork

6.26pm BST: Slow start for bitcoin cash show lack of support Iqbal V Gandham, the managing director at eToro, thinks that the delay in the fork shows a lack of support for the new cryptocurrency. Here, there is clearly a risk to the public if they do not fully appreciate the significance of these technical events.

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Conversely, this trust in BTC has supported its continuous rise in price, effectively making it more expensive to use and slower to confirm transactions. The bad press which the company blames as one of the reasons behind shuttering down its shop refers to several cryptocurrency enthusiasts including Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin who termed it as a scam. Todays high was at 2,925.03.

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"But I suspect some will not be well prepared as this happened quickly and a lot of organisations are coming on board at the last minute. In a Sunday news update, Blockchains Alsyon Margaret said that the company is preparing for the BCC developing into its own actual chain and market.

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"I think investors should take a shot on this and hold for a few years. Todays outcome is good for Bitcoin users as it avoids potentially significant losses and market instability, he explains. Your new deposit address has been successfully generated.