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If worn, it might retail for about. By bidding on ANY item(s the bidder shows acceptance of the terms and conditions of the auction. For bills with an E series letter, 140 to 200. The currency of Bangladesh (the taka) is equal.01 American dollar. However, if the bill was printed for the Chicago district, thosevalues jump quite a bit: 150.-300 circulated, and 1000 or moreuncirculated.

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The Kansas City designation would indicate your bill is most likelya Federal Reserve Note that was printed as part of the NationalCurrency series. ALL Coin sales: Coin Grades, Conditions and Values are NOT Safe Deposit Coins LLC responsability. In particular, what is the bill's date and what color is its seal?

Netherlands 10 Gulden KM 196, prices Values NGC

Without another nation's currency to compare it to, a 100 yen coin is worth 100 yen. As of 02/2009 auction prices for this bill in circulated condition are in the range.-35. Please see the question "What is the value of a1929 US 20 dollar Federal Reserve Note?" for more information.

What is the value of a Japanese tien Gulden bill

For more recent exchange rates, please use the. The dealers I know will not pay what Ebay sellers are getting. It only has a collectors' value and that also differs on your location.

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Proof Gulden Shop Now!.00 1973 Gulden 27,000,000 Shop Now!.75. ALL Grades, Conditions Values are determined by the Consigner(s) Buyers only! I was able to find similar banknotes being offered on eBay by a seller in the.