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Loads(data) return True except ValueError as error: print invalid json: s" error) return False " #Valid json Data "actors "actor "id "1 "firstName "Tom "lastName "Cruise" #Invalid json Data "actor "id "1 "firstName "Tom "lastName "Cruise" " prints True print #prints Error message and False. Loads method is used to validate json data.

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Within the function Money, we assign Money a value, therefore Python assumes Money as a local variable. ' Forces the field to be centered within the available space. Leaving out the argument to most_common produces a list of all the items, in order of frequency.

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(Did you note what symbols were in the machine language. ModuleN, when the interpreter encounters an import statement, it imports the module if the module is present in the search path.

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If a local and a global variable have the same name, the local variable shadows the global variable. So there is a "printf" in Python? Many Ways for a Nicer Output. print The value.format(x) The value is 78,962,324,245 print The value is 0:6,d".format(x) The value is 5,897,653,423.89676 print The value is 0:12,.3f".format(x) The value is 5,897,653,423.897 ' Forces the padding to be placed after the sign (if any) but before the digits.

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They are prefixed with an 'f'. Here are a few examples: # Prints out 0,1,2,3,4 and then it prints "count value reached 5" count0 while(count 5 print(count) count 1 else: print count value reached d" (count) # Prints out 1,2,3,4 for i in range(1, 10 if(i50 break print(i) else: print this. ' f"Price in Swiss Franks: price *.086:5.2f" 'Price in Swiss Franks:.20' for article in "bread "butter "tea. it may be followed by zero or more keyword arguments of the form namevalue.