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The Bank Credit Analysis Handbook: A Guide for Analysts, Bankers and Investors by Jonathan Golin. Retrieved Further reading Keen, Steve (February 2015).

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Turner had witnessed the event first hand. The sale of these claims to future tax revenue created the market for government debt which is an essential part of todays fiat money system as well. When the Chinese first started using paper money, they called it flying money, because it could just fly from your hands.

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History, historically, most currencies were based on physical commodities such as gold or silver, but fiat money is based solely on the faith and credit of the economy. Isbn "The Etymology of Money". This was an ingenious method of preventing counterfeiting of receipts, as the two halves of a tally stick perfectly match and every tally stick is unique. Retrieved 24 February 2015. Specifically, it said that its QE program had boosted the value of stocks and bonds by 26 percent, or about 970 billion.

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Copper engraving, 1750, via m John Laws basic idea was that the more money was in circulation, the greater the prosperity of a country would. The bank survived the Italian War, which saw Sienas surrender to Spain in 1555, the Napoleonic campaign, the Second World War and assorted bouts of plague and poverty.

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After running into some setbacks with paper currency, Kublai eventually had some success with fiat money. Chinas earlier experiment with paper money, which ended in a disastrous hyperinflation. In 1997, the Thai baht fell through the floor and the effects spread to Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The Free Market Apologists of the current system laud its flexibility.