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Paris-based, sensorwake created a new alarm clock called the Trio that eases you into waking up by slowly stimulating your sense of smell, sight, and hearing. The light turns yellow and the face gives a little smirk (it's supposed to be "playful" but it looks more mischievous letting your child know that they can start to play quietly and it'll be time to get up soon.

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This alarm clock can wake you up with either your preferred FM radio station with up to 20 channels to choose from or a selected ringtone. Culture, written by Rachel Thompson 5 months ago, sTOP IT NOW.

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SEE also: Wake up and smell the lavender with this aromatherapy alarm clock. Morning, though, is when the real magic happens.

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Shipping begins in November 2018. Humans will never stop inventing new ways to actually get people out of bed. Written by Carlos Cadorniga 8 months ago, ditch the smartphone alarm for good. We know what you're thinking: Really, an alarm clock!?

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It has a snooze button, backup battery, and powerful alarm. Since young kids don't really have a concept of time yet, they can get antsy in the morning when they don't know how long they're supposed to stay in bed. When the clock is plugged in, you can also use it to charge up to two USB-enabled devices or use it as a speaker.