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Also, re-creating the infrastructure to race at nascar's highest level-which Dodge did gradually starting with the nascar Camping World truck series before entering the Cup series in 2001 with the help of then-flush Dodge dealers-would be prohibitively expensive. We expect that." In the wide-ranging 12 minute interview, France also touched on the potential of new manufacturers entering the sport, joining the current stable of Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota. This year is out of the question, but the future, anything could happen.

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Gilles told Allpar in New York, in answer to a question about nascar, "Oh my God, I can't talk about that right now. The current nascar rules require race-car renderings for new models to be submitted by more than a year before they ever are raced on the track.

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Our fans have a passion for cars and emotional connections to particular manufacturers, and that's why in 2013 we will debut new race car designs that are modeled after each manufacturer's production cars. Most experts think the cars were sold at a loss. Asked about the return to nascar, Marchionne said, "Yes then explained.

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Does this mean all is lost for Dodge? "There isn't anything better for nascar to remain healthy and grow stronger than participation from the automobile manufacturers he said. They've done a tremendous job and really helped the industry. "I've agreed with both Jim and Lesa (France Kennedy, International Speedway Corporation CEO and nascar board member) to come back to the issue in short order he added.

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"It's not a situation where we're willing to say everything is perfect because we're always searching for terrific things on the racetrack. However, one fact is certain: The man who elected to withdraw Dodge from nascar is now ready to return to American stock car auto racing. Dodge products racing in a nascar- or arca-sanctioned series in 2013 is possible, but it will be more a result of using up existing equipment than any sort of sanctioned effort.