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Recent History tab to get an idea of an item's true market value. Once an item is selected, a player has two options to purchase. Your Listings tab on the Brokerage UI must first be selected, and then any item in the inventory can be either right-clicked or dragged onto the window. The industrys first and only multi asset class Swap Execution Facility across interest rate, credit, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency contracts.

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Cryptocurrency Data Shop, we are excited to announce our new offering tools that promote flexible analysis, design and charting of our Cryptocurrency Benchmark Indices! Buy Now option to purchase an item immediately. Once an item is sold, the money can be collected from the Brokered Sales tab at any time. Upon selecting a price and listing the item, the seller will be charged 5 of the listing price.

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Check to make sure you have the Bargain chat visible in your chat preferences. A very useful tool is the. Search Item will provide all the current live listings that a player can purchase, and, recent History provides all recent sales that were made.

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This will allow the seller to sell their item for 10-15 less than what the buyer would have to pay using the Buy Now option, without losing out on any profit. This window will display both the average price of the item, as well as the lowest price it is currently listed for. When selected, the buyer has the option to offer the seller any amount of money for the item, limited to as low as 50 of the asking price for the item.

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Each item is listed for 7 days before the listing will expire, and the item will be returned via the. Searching for Items, edit, the Brokerage provides many useful tools to help find the items a player needs. Alternatively, the item can be ctrl left-clicked to be automatically typed into the search box. If a player knows the specific name of an item, that name can be typed into the search bar at the upper right-hand corner of the.

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Likewise, it is to the seller's advantage to remain online and accept offers whenever possible. This option is available at all times, even when the seller is offline. Make Offer to make an offer on the item. Once an item is purchased, the item can be collected from the Brokered Purchases tab at any time.